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Can I use an aftermarket converter to replace a defective converter on my California registered vehicle that has OBD II?

Yes, providing the replacement converter has been approved for use on the vehicle by the California Air Resources Board. The converter must be listed for replacement on the specific vehicle and engine size in the manufacturer’s application catalog. It must also have the required markings and E.O. number on the converter body. Current to this information, the following are E.O. numbers issued to AirTek, Inc. from the California Air Resources Board: D-280-73,D-280-77, D-280-79 and D-280-80.

Can a good catalytic converter be removed from a vehicle?

No. A good or functioning converter may never be removed from a vehicle. It is a violation that can cost the technician who does so a $2500 fine for eachoccurrence.

Can pre-catalysts be removed from a vehicle?

No. Pre-cats are treated like any other catalytic converter and should not be removed unless they are defective. Pre-cat elimination converters can only be usedwhen the pre-cat and main converters are bad. They must be approved for thistype of use, and should be used in accordance with the aftermarket catalyticconverter manufacturers instructions.

Can I replace two converters with one aftermarket converter?

(example: 1993 Ford F Series Pickup) Yes, but only if the replacement unit has been approved for this and it is used in accordance with the aftermarket converter manufacturers instructions.

The vehicle has an engine that is older or newer than the vehicle or a larger engine has been installed. What type of converter, or does a converter need to be installed on this vehicle?


The guidelines say that a motor vehicle has to conform to its originally cpgsertifiedengine chassis configuration. If an engine is switched, it must be identical to theoriginal one being replaced. It would be best to consult the local inspectionstation or EPA before attempting any exhaust system work.

Can I replace a two-way converter with a three-way converter?

Yes, provided it has been tested for this type catalyst by the manufacturer incompliance with EPA aftermarket converter procedures.

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